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A Letter to My Current Self & Maybe a Letter to You Also

This is basically a thought shake of ideas and may or may not be based on conversations I've had for the duration of the year known as 2020. Take what you want from it, and leave the rest.

It is a crazy time in the world right now, for you, for your family, your friends, for everyone. You feel disappointed for all the opportunities you have lost this year. To be honest, most days, you do not know how to feel. Some days are nearly as joyful and fulfilling as before; other days, you just want to hit fast-forward or skip the scene you are currently in. Sometimes it seems like life is a movie and the scene you are in is stuck in a time loop. Other days, you may look back and see the progress you and society has made since earlier this year. It is messy, very messy and there is still much you do not know. They say we are all in the same boat, but it is more like we are all in the same ocean; learning how to navigate around each other-around others’ experiences, others value systems, sometimes while questioning our own.

But let me tell you this. You do not have to have it all figured out. You are allowed to feel however you do. There is a place to say and mean the words “I don’t know.” It does not mean defeat, or ignorance, or incompetence. It means there’s still space to grow and we do not always have to have the answers. Get comfortable with that because it is fact, but not complacent. Ask questions. Listen. Support. Know it is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to place blame. We are all out here trying to figure it out and everyone is in a different place. You will mess up; you will get some things right.

Know that you are strong. Know that you are capable of growth and you can get through this time of uncertainty and time after that. You do not have to give up, even though you feel like it more than you would like to admit. Some days will flow, others you will need to just take it a step at a time. You see, this is the way out, or up, or forward. You find your foothold, small goal, and appreciate every bit of movement forward. Even in the greatest chaos, you can do this. It may be uncomfortable, even painful at times, but a meaningful existence means experiencing everything. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. Remember that.

Keep going.

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